DAISPACERO’s First Trailer Comes Online

This July is hot, ISPO Shanghai sixth as scheduled to come, " DAISPACERO " first play on July 3. 

After that, a series of big events will also raise accordingly, 

the first show of "The 12thChina International Animation Copyright Fair", 

"DAISPACERO" series animation is deeply hatched, looking forward to breaking the shell. 

Cool + blood, regardless of dimension regardless of age, 

in the " DAISPACERO world" everyone is struggling to swing for the dream.



Summer mask pick tips

JIUBI flew to the island during the summer, but suffered from skin problems. 

How did JIUBI solve his troubles quickly and complete the four-step formula" of moisturizing, 

sunscreen and skin care? 

Click on the video to get to know your beauty elements -- SKINSOUL,

 and pick summer mask tips!



"DAI spacero" has been launched!


Recently, animation brand "MUSE2A" officially launched its original IP "DAI spacero".

On November 30, 2018, "DAI spacero" was born to convey the value of encouragement, courage, dreams and beliefs.

The story of "DAI spacero "is fantasy and fun. There are two main groups of people on the planet, the Ice Clan and the Fire Clan. In order to fight against Babus,several teenagers from two clans formed a team named DAI spacero and their adventure begins.

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